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Graduate Admissions

Learn about our graduate programs in Hillsdale and Washington, D.C. The Van Andel Graduate School of Statesmanship and the Van Andel Graduate School of Government.

The Van Andel Graduate School of Statesmanship

Hillsdale, MI


The Van Andel Graduate School of Statesmanship (Hillsdale, MI) offers the Doctor of Philosophy in Politics and the Master of Arts in Politics. The principal aim of the Graduate School is to educate students in the language of American constitutionalism, and to place its graduates in positions of public service in politics, in journalism, in the Academy, and elsewhere.

This aim is grounded in the mission of the College, which seeks to perpetuate the civil and religious liberties of the United States by the “diffusion of sound learning” and the comprehension of the “American experiment of self-government under law.”

The Van Andel Graduate School of Government

Washington, D.C.


The Van Andel Graduate School of Government (Washington, D.C.) is an MA program designed for professionals working in politics: government staffers and lawmakers, journalists and media professionals, speechwriters, lawyers, think-tank analysts, domestic and foreign policy experts, and all practitioners drawn to serious study.

Course offerings reflect that focus by providing the necessary intellectual foundation for a career in American politics, one deeply enriched by Hillsdale College and its teaching mission.

Graduate School of Classical Education

Hillsdale, MI


This program provides students with a broad philosophical, historical, literary, curricular, and pedagogical perspective on classical education. Electives options include courses in educational leadership, the seven classical liberal arts, and other special topics courses. While this master degree program does not presume to exhaust the subject of classical education or its relevant content, it does build a thorough, extensive, and foundational understanding upon which a lifetime of experience in classical education can be based.